Volunteer news


GNNC is blessed by a number of new volunteers who have stepped forward to assist us with various projects and programs.

Nic Williams is a GIS student at VIU and he is working on the new Bicycle Map for Nanaimo with the city.

Taylor Alexander just got of the plane from back east and he is ready to dig in and do some advocating for GNCC.

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About Us

The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition is a non-profit organization helping people cycle more through encouragement of better facilities, education, motivation and celebration.
More cycling means a healthier, happier, more connected community.

sunsetFormed in 1996 the GNCC is a committed group of people who believe cycling should be accessible, safe, and fun for all, from the very young to our growing senior population,
and everyone in between. We believe that cycling builds strong communities, improves our health, and helps create a better urban environment.

The GNCC works cooperatively with other community groups to organize events and to achieve common goals. We are a partner in the Nanaimo Regional Rail Trail Partnership and work with other stakeholders to organize the Bike to Work Week and Bike + Walk to School Week.

Current Projects

The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition is actively engaged in a number of projects to help bring more people to bicycling. You can read more below. Stay tuned for periodic updates.

  • Advocating for a world-class network of bikeways
  • An All-Ages-and-Abilities Bikeway Network
  • Physically Separated Bike Lanes on Critical Streets
  • Completion of the E&N Rail Trail
  • Nanaimo Master Transportation Plan
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Healthy Schools - Active Transportation
  • Bike Routes & Maps development

Down the Road

We are working on Partnering/ Collaborating with others community organizations to encourage more people to cycle for utilitarian and recreational purposes and to provide education focused on overcoming individual barriers to cycling.
We are compiling a list of existing resources for helping Nanaimo become a bikeable city.