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Cycling has the potential to provide many B.C. families with increased affordable transportation choices and economic opportunities. While it already is a popular activity, with sufficient investment, cycling can become a practical safe transportation option for many more people of all ages, leading to significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reliance on oil, congestion, health care costs, and cycling fatality rates. To realize these benefits, the BCCC recommends that Provincial Government increase its investment in cycling to $75 million per year.

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The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition has been in existance since 1996, and in those 18 years it has made some significant progress in advocating cycling. Listing all of the progress we made would take a few pages, but here are a few we are proud off. AND let us not forget that some work has been done by others who have listened to our membership, such as many city councillors, city staff, RDN staff, business owners and organizations, clubs and groups.
Thank you all.

B.C. Transportation Plan

The Provincial Government is developing a new 10-year transportation plan, B.C. on the Move, and wants to know our top three priorities for transportation infrastructure projects.

The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition, together with Health, Business and Tourism groups made a submission to the government. We engged our membership and other citizens of our community to assist with that submission and to provide us their priorities. Knowing our priorities helps with making the case to the government for increased investment million in cycling infrastructure, maintenance and education. In our cycling strategy, the GNCC recommends the Province invest $75 million per year in upgrading cycling and pedestrian facilities on Provincial highways and bridges as well as providing increased funding for cycling and pedestrian networks in communities around BC.
For more information see our submission.

Boundary Road 2015

As part of the new Nanaimo Transportation Plan, the City of Nanaimo is incorporating pedestrian and cycling infrastructure in their street and sewer upgrading projects. GNCC was asked to provide input prior to the City's Open House on October 28th. Thanks to the hard work of the Engineering Department and GNCC persistance of asking for what is needed, we will now see the first Buffered Bike Lanes in the city. Although it is just a short section, it will be a test and a good addition. The bike lane will run along Boundary to Townsite and connect over Bush and Pryde Street to Bowen Road and Buttertub Marsh. It is great connector across town to VIU and the Hospital area.

Nanaimo Master Transportation Plan

The City's Transportation Master Plan draft ("NTMP") was adopted by City Council in March 2014. The NTMP aims to shape transportation policy over the next twenty-five years by shifting "the City towards a more balanced multi-modal transportation system" with more support for alternatives to the automobile, namely for cycling, walking and transit.
THe GNCC and other stakeholders participated in the process and in addition the GNCC pushed hard for more in several one on one meetings with the city.

Nanaimo Regional Rail Trail Partnership

As one of the founding members of this initiatives GNCC has been working hard on promoting an extension of the E&N trail. With Andre Sullivan of the Young Professionals charging ahead with the city and getting commitments for funding for this project.
Currently we have engaged two firms and are in the process of planning to built trail between Comox road and 7th Avenue.
See the website for more information.