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Bike to Work Week is getting a boost this year with the addition of new sponsors and sponsor organizations.

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Donations are welcome

GNCC work is dependent on the good graces of the public. We cannot offer our programs and advocate for cycling without the financial support of the public. Both in kind and monetary donations are what makes us an all-inclusive co-operative organization.


Join the Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition to help make your community a Bicycle Friendly City.

Advocates engage in a constructive dialogue with their Member of Provincial Parliament or Mayor and Council about road and cycling safety and the need for increased resources to ensure that Canadians can share the road equally. Our provincial government is responsible for our road policy and so engaging Members of Provincial Parliament is key to ensuring that our province creates the kinds of policy, legislation and other support necessary to create a bicycle friendly BC. And our city and regional district government is responsible for building, maintaining and creating infrastructure for everybody.
The GNCC believes that together as citizens of Nanaimo we can make a positive contribution to "changing" and advancing the conversation in the Nanaimo district.

How do we do it?

We do this by engaging with decision-makers to ensure that they are plugged into the transportation needs of their communities. BikeWalkNanaimo was created to do just that.

What is BikeWalkNanaimo?

The goal of BikeWalkNanaimo is to mobilize volunteers across the region to meet with their MPPs and City Councils in order to engage in a constructive dialogue about road, pedestrian and cycling safety and the need for increased resources to ensure that there is enhanced support for cycling and safer roads for all. The Network is made up of volunteers from across the mid-island region.

The Facts

Most Canadians have ridden a bike at some point in their life. However, upon reaching driving age, we turn to the car as our primary mode of transportation. Most communities are designed in a way that makes using a car feel more convenient, safer, and sensible. This becomes incredibly clear when we study how North American families choose to transport their kids to school.

In 1969, 50% of children biked or walked to school. In 2009, 13% of children biked or walked to school. We have become so ingrained in using our cars that we tend to think that all other forms of transportation are dangerous, inconvenient, and expensive.

In 2014, 32.000 Canadians died in traffic collisions, while heart disease and stroke, lower respiratory disease remain leading causes of death, and 25% of household income is spent on transportation. These negative impacts occur while 40% of car trips are less than 3 kilometers.

Thankfully Canadians are responding. From 2000 - 2011 we have seen a 47% increase in bicycle commuting in Canada. That number jumps to an incredible 80% increase for BC and Alberta Bike Savy Communities (such as Calgary and Vancouver).

We need a transportation system that gives us the freedom to choose the form of transportation we think is best for the specific circumstances. In order to change our transportation system and get more people riding bikes we need to build streets that make everyone feel safe enough to ride a bike or walk.

Get Involved:
Write your local representative and let them now your views on the current state of cycling in our city and what you would like to see changed.

Mayor Bill McKay - 250-668-5969
  Councillor Wendy Pratt - 250-741-4794
Councillor Bill Bestwick - 250-816-4338
  Councillor Ian Thorpe - 250-713-9135
Councillor Diane Brennan - 250-713-6996
  Councillor Bill Yoachim - 250-714-9995
Councillor Gordon Fuller - 250-714-3551
  Nanaimo MLA - Leonard Krog - 250 714-0630
Councillor Jerry Hong - 250-713-9143
  Nanaimo MLA - Douglas Routley - 250 715-0127
Councillor Jim Kipp - 250-753-5212
  Nanaimo MLA - Michelle Stilwell - 250 248-2625