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Once you have made a booking with us for Bike Valet Services and have received a confirmation number, you can secure your booking by mailing us a cheque prior to the event or pay by credit card to our PayPal account.

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Bicycle Valet Services:

Bicycle Valet provides a temporary bicycle parking facility that can be set up for events large and small. It is offered to event organizers who wish to provide supervised bike parking for their patrons. This can significantly reduce traffic and parking congestion and encourage Active Transportation use in Nanaimo an surrounding region.

FREE for patrons

There is no charge to cyclists for this service. Bicycles are stored in a supervised compound and need not be locked. Personal equipment such as helmets and backpacks can also be left with the bicycles. In fact we will also accept skateboards, strollers, chariot trailers, or any other Active Transportation equipment.

Convenient, safe and secure

The convenience of this free service can bring in patrons who might otherwise be deterred by the expense and hassle of other forms of transportation. Having a safe place to park their “wheels” can make the difference between attending an event or staying home.

No Worries, Be Happy

Creates peace-of-mind for attendees. Individuals that aren't worried about the safety of their ride will be more inclined to stay at an event longer, and will be more engaged.

Creates a positive impression. Bikes are neatly organized in a custom fenced corral, instead of having bikes locked up to every available pole. Often the first point of contact at an event, the Bicycle Valet is a highly visual indicator that an event supports a local, sustainable initiative.

Reduces congestion. Driving to an event can be frustrating, parking expensive, and shuttles or public transportation overcrowded. Bypass the crowds, drop off your bike, and enjoy the event.

Is environmentally friendly. Transportation is a significant part of an event's carbon footprint. Enable attendees to choose an efficient, zero-carbon trip.

Provides free cross-promotion to all of our events. We let the public know we'll be at YOUR event via our monthly E-newsletter and posts on Facebook, Twitter and on-site at other events.

Contact us directly via our booking inquiry form or download the Bike Valet Brochurepdf