Bicycle Valet Services: FAQ's

What is a Bicycle Valet?

It's like a coat check for bicycles completely hassle-free and secure!

How does it work?

You give us your bike and we give you a claim stub. After the event, you bring back the stub and we return your bike. Parking your bike is free!

Do I need a lock?

We ask that you do not lock your bicycle. The site is secure and attended at all times.

Is it safe?

Yes. The valet is attended at all times. No one but Bicycle Valet staff are allowed inside the compound. However, it's up to you to keep your ticket safe.

Can I leave my stuff with my bike?

Yes. Anything securely attached to your bike will be safe.

How much does it cost?

It's free to use for patrons but don't forget to let event organizers know how important the service is to you!

What if I can't get back in time to pick up my bike?

When you take your claim check, you're agreeing to our service terms. If you're not back to pick up your bike 30 minutes after the event has ended, we will secure your bike and you will have to come pick it up.

Will there be delays checking in and out?

There may be a short line when you show up. Our Valets work hard to get your bike parked or returned to you as quickly as possible!

How about my trailer, skates or jogging stroller?

Yes. We'll park anything electric assisted or human powered. Sorry, we don't park scooters, or anything with an engine.

The Bike Valet Services offers a safe, secure and tidy place for bikes and accessories to be left at events across the Regional District of Nanaimo. The Bike Valet Service is a volunteered powered service.

Contact us directly via our booking inquiry form or download the Bike Valet Brochurepdf