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Once you have made a booking with us for Bike Valet Services and have received a confirmation number, you can secure your booking by mailing us a cheque prior to the event or pay by credit card to our PayPal account.
Bike Valet Service Levels

Bike Valet Calendar


Valet Bike Summit


Global Film Festival


Easter Bunny Populaire


Fire & Ice Street Festival


Beban Park Health & Wellness Fair


Nanaimo Airport - Ride for Life


Foam Fest Nanaimo

Bicycle Valet TESTIMONIALs:

As a bicycle advocacy organization, GNCC promotes and encourage people to use their bicycle to for transportation and recreation. To assist with that effort GNCC offers bike classes, educational workshops and provide services to helps citizens to use their bicycle more often.

Bicycle Valet Services is a great opportunity for any event organizer to reduce our carbon footprint and to give patrons the option to use a bicycle or a stroller to attend their event. The provides a temporary secure bicycle parking service can be set up for events large and small. This can significantly reduce traffic and parking congestion and encourage Active Transportation use in Nanaimo an surrounding region.


"Here is a service that is sorely needed in Nanaimo. Kudos to the GNCC to offer this!" George White.

Bike Valet is really important for the community. I want to see it at every event. Let's Go Nanaimo. - Burt Crestfield

With Bike Valet, it's nice to feel your bike is safe. - Patricia

We were so excited to attend the event when we saw this service was an option.
- Brian & Jane.

Driving to Maffeo Sutton Park is such a drag, but riding our bikes was just so easy. And knowing your bike is safe is just fantastic.
- Evelyn Sauve.

Event Organizers

Kudos to event organizers for booking Bike Valet Services. The service takes your event to the next level. If you're expecting a large number of guests, having secure bike parking onsite can make the first and last impression that your guests encounter.  When people choose to come by bike, it can significantly reduce site congestion, makes parking easier for those already coming by bicycle, and offers red carpet service to those who choose cycling to get there.