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At a succesfull Bike Summit and AGM, the GNCC membership elected more members to the board. Here is our new board

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Our Board

On January 23rd 2016 at GNCC AGM the membership voted in several new members to the GNCC board. For 2016 the board consists of:

Tony Adema Lynda Brimacombe Martin Kostian
Dan Appell Lorne Freedman Nigel Philcox
Ruby Berry Saul Glassen  
Leo Boon Pascale Jallabert  

Descriptions of all board members will be posted in the coming weeks. If you wish to communicate with the board send a email to gncc(a) or send a letter to our mailbox posted below.


Tony Adema

I've been riding a bike for over half century, an avid road cyclist and cycle commuter. Grew up in Richmond. It's FLAT. With my wife, Anne, we raised our four children there who now have started their own families. My profession is in accounting. While living in Richmond, I cycle commuted to Burnaby approximately on average of 3 times a week year round for over a dozen years as well as cycling for fun with the Vancouver Velo Vets cycling club around the Lower Mainland. I was involved with the Richmond Active Transportation Committee, an advisory group to Richmond City Council on aspects of active transportation, namely cycling but included other active transportation modes other than car/vehicle. Two of our adult children and their families moved to Nanaimo a few years ago. And we moved to Nanaimo in 2013 to full time operate ACMe Food Co until we closed in September 2015. So, now I have all this free time to ride my bike everywhere.

Leo Boon

Leo has been involved in cycling his entire life. Not surprisingly as he was born in the mecca of cycling - Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and in addition to that he lived in Copenhagen and England before circumnavigated the globe on a 4 year bicycle journey. Riding various bikes in all disciplines from commuting, touring, racing as a semi-pro, mountain biking, to coaching and just for the fun of it, Leo has a passion for bicycling. Working diligently on advocacy, city planning, health promotion, safe routes to school and youth participation, Leo hopes to contribute in a small way towards building a healthy and livable city of Nanaimo.

Ruby Berry

Ruby is co-owner of the Pedego Electric Bike Shop in Qualicum Beach. She has been joyfully riding bicycles for more than 50 years and plans on another 50. She figures the bicycle is the answer to most problems. She has a background in the environmental movement and is deeply in love with the region of the Salish Sea.

Saul Glassen

Saul has had a keen interest in traffic and cycling, especially in the psychology of traffic behaviour. Here is his cycling resume. I wasted the first years of my life trying to walk, never got too good at it. Then when I was three my cycling father bought me my first tricycle; its been all pedals and wheels since then. Because he advanced me through to a proper chain driven, rear wheel drive tricycle, I didn't get my first two-wheeler until the venerable age of six. Now in my seventies, I have been looking longingly at tricycles again, maybe one of those recumbent tadpole models, with electric assist; the hills are a lot steeper now than they were when I was younger, or at least not so old.

David Grey

David is one of the founding members of the GNCC. During his first stint on the Board of Directors, he served variously as Secretary, President, and Volunteer Coordinator of Bike to Week in 1997 and 1998. Rejoining the board in 2010, he served as Chair until the recent AGM. He has also served as a GNCC rep to the Plan Nanaimo Advisory Committee and, more recently, to the Transportation Advisory Committee. David is a regular bicycle commuter. His favourite commute was a couple of years back when he biked daily from Yellow Point to Woodlands Secondary School, a round trip of 50 km. David and his spouse Audette also enjoy bicycle touring. They particularly enjoyed their ride ten years ago to California and their many tours on the Route Verte in Quebec.

Lorne Freedman

Lorne has been a member of the GNCC for a number of years. He rides a 20 km return commute on a Kona Dr. Dew to Woodlands Secondary School where he works as a counsellor. Looking to crack 2000 km again this year, because of the amazing weather, he's already cycled over 1500 km. He is a strong supporter of cycling and how that connects to environmental and quality of life concerns. For this reason he has joined the GNCC board and works towards improving Nanaimo's cycling infrastructure.

Pascal Jallabert

Pascale started cycling at an early age, biking to school every day in her little village in the south of France. She has been a member of the GNCC for many years. Pascale believes that everyone needs to take a stand on helping to save the planet for our future generations. That is the reason she relies only on her bike for transportation, leaving her car under her carport. Biking has always been her favourite means of transportation as it provides her a great feeling of freedom. As a life time fitness enthusiast and fitness professional for over 20 years, Pascale encourages people to have an active lifestyle, to keep physically and mentally fit. She loves to inspire people and presently leads walking/hiking courses exploring Nanaimo and the surrounding areas. A keen volunteer, Pascale has helped with GNCC bike workshops and events and now, by joining the board, Pascale hopes to contribute to make Nanaimo an even better, healthier place to live, work and play in. As Pascale says: "We need more active transportation options for our community.".

Martin Kostian

Organizations such as GNCC come at a very crucial time in the history of transport both in our region and indeed around the world. With the spectre of global warming, over reliance on oil and the ever increasing aggressiveness of automobile drivers making our world less livable I see the advancement of bicycle culture critical in the abatement of these threats. Bicycles are a tool that can bring people together for they instantly remove the anonymity that a car provides in the form of the hard outer shell and the speed at which they can travel. Bicycle culture celebrates integration, co-operation and creates a populace that is healthy, happy and interactive. This ideal must be preceded by an infrastructure that make people eager and happy to jump on a bike to the destinations that are important to them.

Lynda Brimacombe

Coming Soon

Nigel Philcox

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Dan Appell

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