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Corporate Membership Pays

With the access to thousands of studies on the latest research regarding infrastructure building, bike usage, best practices out of the bike industry etc The GNCC is a centre of knowledge that is accessible to our corporate members.

To learn more such as what makes car drivers move to e-bikes for their commute and which target groups are easily persuaded to invest in an e-bike purchase, contact the gncc office.

Trail Habits

Share the Trail

Keep right except to pass.

Alert Others

When passing, alert others and control your speed.

Yield to Others

Cyclists yield to all other trail users. Hikers yield to equestrians.

Respect the Trail

Do not remove or disturb animals or plants, such as wildflowers.

Be Alert and Visible

Wear reflective gear and use caution at road crossings.

Pet Etiquette

Dogs must be on the right hand side of the trail. On most multi-use such as the E&N trails dogs must be leashed.

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Cycling Route Planning Tool
Need to find the best route by bike? Check out the Cycling Route Planner, developed by a team of researchers at the University of British Columbia in cooperation with TransLink. This handy tool helps cyclists find bike routes anywhere in Metro Vancouver based on options such as designated cycling routes, distance, elevation gain and air quality. For more details, please visit UBC's Cycling in Cities website, or check out the cycling information on Google Maps.

Bike to Work Week

Since 1997 the Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition has been involved with Bike to Work Week. The idea was started in Victoria in 1994 and has sprouted to 50 communities and regions throughout BC.

Bike to Work Week encourages avid cyclists and new riders alike to sign up, log their commutes, win prizes, and be a part of making Nanaimo a better place to live, work and play. Improving air quality, reducing road congestion, improving personal health, and connecting with their community, are a few of the benefits realized by Bike to Work participants.

The GNCC encourages all cyclists in the Nanaimo and area who commute to work to form teams in their workplaces and to challenge other workplaces to get on board by organizing teams. Every year since the event was first organized in Nanaimo, the GNCC has hosted one or more Celebration Stations along strategic cycling locations such as the E & N Trail, Bowen Road and in the downtown core.

Drop by our Celebration Station or one of the many others being hosted by other participants during the week. It's a great way to meet other cyclists, renew your membership, get a quick tune-up on your bike, and enjoy some cyclist-friendly munchies provided by our sponsors. Cyclists can also fill out an entry form for one of the many cool prizes offered during the Wrap-Up Event. For more updates, check out Bike to Work Week 2017 at

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