GNCC Ride Guide

Looking for a group or individual to ride with? Here is your opportunity

Scroll the ride calendar and see who is riding, when, where, at what intensity and for how long.

Planning a ride and would like others to join your ride? Add your ride to his calendar.

You don't need to be an awesome biker to lead or join a ride. Anyone can, including you.

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Info for Group Riding

Group rides should be enjoyable and safe for all participants.
We can also be role models for other roadway users.

Groups of cyclists are typically the most visible members of the cycling communityŚwe can be billboards for exemplary behaviour, or we can reinforce the stereotypes that cyclists are scofflaws.

The impressions our actions leave on the motorists we encounter have a tremendous effect on cycling advocacy.

Groups of cyclists who run stop signs and red lights, swarm motorists, and cork intersections perform a disservice to the cycling community by undermining the work of ensuring equity for cyclists.