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09.18.2015 is celebrating it's first year in operation. The project from the University of Victoria records and maps road accidents/incidents, road hazards, and bike theft. Go to their website and map your concerns, incidents as well as reporting it to your local area cycling advocate, the GNCC.

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Hazard Report

Bicycle and Pedestrian Hazard Report

Notify us of obstacles or hazards that may inhibit bike or pedestrian travel by using the GNCC's Hazard Report. These reports are forwarded to the appropriate local jurisdiction for action. Reports may be submitted at any time.

To notify the GNCC about any other hazard (traffic conditions, railway matters, etc) please use our contact us form. PLEASE WE ARE STILL WORKING ON THIS FORM AND THE SITE

Type of Hazard:*
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 Rough pavement or potholes
 Pavement cracks
 Lighting problem
 Plant overgrowth or interference
 Traffic signal problem
 Railroad hazard
  Debris on shoulder or bikeway
 Hazardous drain grate
 Bikeway not clearly marked
 Damaged bikeway signs
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