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GNNC is blessed by a number of new volunteers who have stepped forward to assist us with various projects and programs.

Nic Williams is a GIS student at VIU and he is working on the new Bicycle Map for Nanaimo with the city.

Taylor Alexander just got of the plane from back east and he is ready to dig in and do some advocating for GNCC.

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The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition provided each candidate for the 2014 municipal elections with information on the Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan, the concept of Complete Streets, info sheets on Active Transportation and data on our health care crisis.

We asked each candidate to fill out a 8 question survey on bicycling, active transportation and complete streets. A total of 30 of the 36 candidates have responded by filling out the survey and 2 send individual emails explaining their position regarding bicycling.

Go to www.bikesense.org/elections/ to see the answers.
Click on the picture of the council candidates or mayor candidates and their questionnaire will pop up as a pdf. Click the back button on your browser to choose another candidate.

In other News

Provincial Transportation Plan - Let Us Know Your Priorities

The Provincial Government is developing a new 10-year transportation plan, B.C. on the Move, and wants to know your top three priorities for transportation infrastructure projects. For context, here is the BC On the Move Discussion Guide: PDF

The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition will be making a submission to the government and we want that submission to reflect the priorities of our members and other people cycling throughout Vancouver Island. Knowing your priorities will also help us make the case to the government for increased investment million in cycling infrastructure, maintenance and education. In our cycling strategy, the GNCC and the BCCC recommends the Province invest $75 million per year in upgrading cycling facilities on Provincial highways and bridges as well as providing increased funding for cycling networks in communities around BC.

Possible projects include:
• Trail or path networks
• Wider shoulders or bike lanes along a road or highway
• Key regional routes
• A separated path along a busy road or highway
• A wider shared path on a bridge or overpass
• A new cycling and walking overpass over a busy highway or railway
• A new cycling and walking bridge over a river or stream
• Improved access to a bridge

Please let us know your priorities in Nanaimo and around the province at:
Contact us through our contact form on this site

Then, before December 12, let the Province know at: