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The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition with the BC Cycling Coalition wants to put efforts in pursuing the BC Government for a PST exemption for e-Bikes. As you might know, bicycles and some accessories have no PST in BC, but e-bikes do!!! However electric cars have a $5000 rebate.

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Donations are welcome

GNCC work is dependent on the good graces of the public. We cannot offer our programs and advocate for cycling without the financial support of the public. Both in kind and monetary donations are what makes us an all-inclusiveco-operative organization.

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Our Mission

commuteThe Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition is a diverse, member-supported organization that advocates for a healthy, safe, cycling-friendly city for all. Our vision is that Nanaimo will become in the near future a city where cycling is as an essential part of its sustainable transportation network, where complete streets have been implemented in all neighbourhoods with safe, accessible on- and off-road cycling infrastructure, and where the needs of people who cycle are taken into account in all municipal planning and decision making.

To accomplish this, the GNCC advocates the following:
  • The mainstream use of the bicycle for transportation, recreation and tourism
  • The effective education of cyclists and all road users
  • The accelerated development of appropriate cycling infrastructure and facilities
  • The encouragement of local groups that promote cycling for transportation, recreation and tourism
  • A vibrant cycling culture

Cycling Network Improvements

Bicycling makes communities better places to live, work and play. Bicycling is fun, affordable and energizing.

What we do:

  • Work with governments, businesses and community organizations
  • Research and write proactive letters and reports
  • Support other community organizations working to improve cycling, walking, transit, and other "smart city" strategies
  • Coordinate initiatives with other Vancouver Island bicycle advocacy organizations
  • Work closely with the British Columbia Cycling Coalition in lobbying government for improvements in all aspects of cycling
  • Designing bike routes for commuters, school kids, shoppers and recreational cyclists
  • Creating maps with bike routes for visitors to the Nanaimo area
  • Provide and facilitate cycling education for children and adults
  • Offer support to anyone looking to improve bicycling


  • Ongoing liaison with the City of Nanaimo for on-road and trail improvements including road hazard reports
  • Partnered with the City of Nanaimo to obtain funding through the Cycling Infrastructure Partnerships Program
  • Successfully lobbied for installation of inductor loops at all city-controlled intersections
  • Stakeholder in the Nanaimo Master Transportation Plan
  • Successively lobbied the Provincial Government to allocate funding to the construction of the Aulds Road – Ware Road section of the E & N Trail
  • Founding member of the Nanaimo Regional Rail Trail Partnership
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