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Nanaimo Bicycle Advisory Committee

The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition is working on creating the Nanaimo Bicycle Advisory Committee (NBAC). The committee will be an advisory body to the local government jurisdictions and where applicable to the BC Government.

The NBAC is responsible to the local government jurisdictions that have appointed representatives (City of Nanaimo, City of Parksville and Qualicum, Village of Lantzville, Nanaimo Regional District Electoral Areas 'A', 'B', 'C', 'E', 'F', 'G' and 'H') .

To develop and support the implementation of a comprehensive strategy to improve cycle access within the Nanaimo District , allowing all members of the community (from children to seniors) to travel safely by bicycle within each jurisdiction and to have safe access to regional cycling networks.

The NBAC makes recommendations to the various local government jurisdictions in the RDN and where applicable to the BC provincial government.

The NBAC will meet on a quarterly basis and as needed. The NBAC will provide quarterly and an annual report to each of the local government jurisdictions represented.

Membership to the NBAC shall be limited to one (1) elected official from each of the following:

City of Nanaimo   City of Parksville
City of Qualicum   Village of Lantzville
RDN board   Two GNCC board members
Oceanside CC board member    

Staff support to the NBAC will be provided on an as required basis, depending on the nature of the expertise required, resources permitting. Staff from each of the represented jurisdictions will form a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to work towards execution of the 2015 RDN Cycling Plan and relevant updates. The TAC shall meet on a more frequent basis than the NBAC in order to work through specific items.
Other resources from various agencies and areas of expertise will be encouraged to serve on the TAC (this includes representatives of GNCC).
Communication with the Task Force will usually occur through the Chair or a designate appointed by the Chair.


  1. To develop safe, connected and functionally consistent bikeways for both recreation and commuting routes. This includes on-street cycling lanes, cycle tracks, and multi-use recreational trails.
  2. To involve, inform and seek feedback from the community on cycling issues, including actual and perceived safety.
  3. To link major destination points within the region with safe bikeways. Major destination points would include schools, retail centres, parks, and major business centers in each of the municipalities and electoral areas.


  1. Cooperatively implement the 2014 Nanaimo Transportation Plan and relevant updates.
  2. Continue to support and work towards the full implementation of NRRTP plans within the Nanaimo Regional District.
  3. Prioritize cycling projects for the region and those that are more specific to individual jurisdictions, and bring recommendations forward to all local governments represented.
  4. Seek and acquire funding for cycling projects.