Bike Etiquette

With few exceptions, bicyclists on public roadways assume the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers, and are subject to the same federal and provincial laws including local ordinances.

With that right also comes responsibility. We must ALL adopt the Bicyclists' Code of Conduct.

Bicyclists' Code of Conduct

  1. Never ride against traffic.
  2. Ride as near to the right as practicable.
  3. Stop at stop signs and red lights.
  4. Honour others' right of way.
  5. Use hand signals.
  6. With traffic, ride single file.
  7. Be predictable; don't weave.
  8. Follow lane markings.
  9. Don't needlessly block the road.
  10. Use lights at night.
Read our Bike Etiquette and Common Sense document.



Women's Bike Programs needs the involvement of women. And just like we hear of women who want to come out to take part in the programs we need a number of instructors and mentors.

Contact Us if you have a few hours a month to get the Women's Group running smoothly.

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Recreational Beginner Bicycle Rides

Come join us for our weekly Recreational Bicycle Rides.
These are non-competitive fun rides, not racing events.
Hosted by local bicycle groups our goal is to have a safe, friendly and fun ride for all.
Rides range from 1 to 3 hour long at a pace of 12 to 20km/hour depending on the level.

General group ride expectation:
  • We support those with mechanical problems and flats.
  • We stop at Stop signs.
  • We do not use ear phones or ear plugs.
  • We obey traffic rules and try at all times to be courteous to motorists.
  • We always wear helmets.
  • We ride as a group with a NO-drop policy; we are here to have fun & learn.
  • Each participant is responsible for their own safety!

Please read our policies and the documents on Bicycle Etiquette and Groupriding. --->

Weekly Ride Schedule:

Rides starts in middle of March 2016 - end September 30 2016: SEE YOU NEXT SPRING

  • EasyRiders - Wed 1:30pm - Haz Beans Coffee - moderate pace 15km/hour on the residential roads and trails in Nanaimo.
  • Women Riding Group - Wed 6:30pm - Beban Park - easy-paced rides of 12km/hour - distance of 8 to 12 kms on quiet residential streets and portions of the E&N and Parkway Trails.
  • Intermediate Rec Ride - Thur 6:30pm - Beban Park - moderate-paced rides of 15 to 17km/hour - distance of 15 to 20 kms on quiet residential streets and portions of the E&N and Parkway Trails.
  • Weekend Rides - We put on some fun rides this past year and we will continue to do so with the help of more volunteers. We hope to put a schedule of planned trips from Lochside Trail, Comox Valley to Cowichan Valley
  • Women on Wheels Workshops - starts April 11th. The Monday night workshops again focuses on giving women the appropriate avenues to develop their cycling skills. In doing so, we work on a different skills each week followed by a local group ride.
  • In addition visit the Ride Calendar on this site which lists rides by all other groups and individuals.


This year (2016) our Monday Night Skills are dedicated to the BEGINNER cyclist by Skills Coordinator: Leo Boon, Level 3 National Certified Cycling Coach

The Women on Wheels cycling group, focuses on giving women the appropriate avenues to develop their cycling skills. In doing so, you have the option to pick between participating in one of the different skills on the Monday nights or do a local group ride. Every Monday night from April to October, we focus on a number of cycling skills. We start with group riding, then work our way into other cycling skills: riding in traffic, then into hills, cornering, descending, and more.

Themed Bicycle RIDES

The Themed Bike Rides are meant for all riders, young and old, new and experienced. Come along on one of our most popular bicycle rides lead by renowned, local specialists. Each month a special ride is organized that either is paired to an event or is it's stand alone theme. From arts tours, farms or farmer market tours, celebration tours or just plain fun with a purpose. Go to the fun rides page for the latest dates and the entire list. FUN RIDES-->
Enjoy some samples below.

Cedar and Yellow Point Farmers Market Rides

In the Greater Nanaimo Area we are fortunate to have a number of cycling groups from the SlowSpokes, the YellowJackets, MIVA and ChainGang. All do regular rides each on different levels and with different objectives. During the summer season the SlowSpokes cycle each sunday from Serious Coffee on Commercial Street to the Cedar Farmers Market. Keeners go for an extra loop around Yellow Point other head straight to the Crow and Gate Pub. Rides leave at 9am. First Market day for 2016 is Mothers Day May 8th.

Art Crawl Rides - Nanoose Bay, Gabriola, Parksville, Nanaimo in 2016

Visit Artist Studios, galleries and exhibitions while cycling 20 to 50 kilometers of country roads. We have a number of art crawls this year, so this is your invitation to ride your bike while touring the studios of a wide range of exceptional artists and artisans in the mid island area. We stop for refreshments or lunch in the area during the tour. See details here....

Moonlight Ramble

Several times during the dark nights on Vancouver Island, The GNCC and other groups put on full moon night rides. The rides are fun, safe and exciting. The next full moon night ride is on November 14th 2016. So grab your bicycle, check your lights and join them under the light of the moon for a bike ride adventure! See details here....

Parks of Nanaimo Tour 1

Go on a pleasant bike ride through the forested santcuaries of Nanaimo.It is amazing how many parks are in the boundaries of our harbour city. The tour inclludes visits to the Colliery Dam Park, Morrell Sanctuary, Buttertubs Marsh and Beach Estates Park.

Cinco de Mayo Taco Bike Tour

Join us with your best handlebar moustache, done a sombreros on your helmet or adorn your bike with beads, castanetas and go for a tour of tacos. Cinco de Mayo is on Thursday, May 5, 2016. Tour starts at 5pm at the Bastion and we will visit Baby Salsa and Gina's Mexican Cafe. Cost is $25 includes 2 tacos and a drink.


Nanaimo Architecture Ride

The heaviest concentration of heritage buildings and notable 19th century landmarks is found on this bike tour exploring the Old City Quarter, Commercial Street, Chinatown, the Bastion and the waterfront. One highlight among many: the splendid Nanaimo Court House, built in 1895-96 by architect Francis Rattenbury (best known for the Empress Hotel and the BC Parliament Buildings in Victoria).

Heritage Bike Tour through Historical Neighbourhoods

Join us for a two-hour bike ride over moderately sloped terrain to learn about Nanaimo's historic neighbourhoods, heritage buildings and sites. Nanaimo has many stories to tell. It has a rich and varied history that still speaks to us in the way the City has grown and developed over time. In particular, these stories are evident in the city's historic neighbourhoods and the heritage buildings and sites, which comprise the tangible reminders of each area's history.

The Sweet Ride!

Sweet Ride is a bike tour around our little town with stops at participating shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Warning: chocolate might have to be consumed. All in all the ride is 25 kilometers so the little indulgences along the way certainly will be burned off. We chose to do the add-on miles to make it longer.

Le Grand Cru

If you need a good excuse to combine two of your passions, than here it is. Join like minded souls on exploring the wineries around mid Vancouver Island by taking out your steed and cycle over country lanes. Rides are supported and orders of plonk will be delivered.

Tour de Biere

A lot of new breweries have set up shop in the Nanaimo region. We are excited to host two rides during this year's Beer Week to be able to visit more breweries and to raise even more funds for the Greater Nanaimo Bicycle Coalition. We are offering the opportunity to enjoy multiple brewery tours from skilled master brewers and complimentary tastings and discounts from our participating breweries. The GNCC is an organization that promotes safe, convenient and enjoyable cycling in the Greater Nanaimo.

Pearls of Nanaimo Ride

Join Frank Ney's ghost and ride through Nanaimo to find hiding pearls. Bring your inner pirate and go raiding on the streets through parks and discover the secret chambers!!!

Cemetary Bike Ride

Discover the stories buried in BC's third oldest cemetery. Nanaimo's original cemetery dates back to the 1850s and is now a public park. Stories of families, sailors and a casualty of the Crimean War in Russia paint a picture of life in Nanaimo over 160 years ago. Nanaimo's Cemeteries and Burial Areas are unique cultural landscapes which provide a tangible reminder of the people who lived in and built the City of Nanaimo, as well as those who resided in the area prior to European contact. The tour visits a number of hallowed places of reflection and remembrance. The cost is $10 per person, pre-registration required.

Discover Millstone Valley Ride

Blackberry Ramble Century

Go blackberry picking along the country lanes of Chemainus, Ladysmith and Cedar. Lunch at local pub and support is provided. We hope the Nanaimo SlowSpokes will lead this ride!

Bike-In Movie Night

If cars can have drive in movies, why can't bikes? This event would consist of an evening ride with the end point being one of several outdoor amphitheatres around town where there would be a screening of a cycling-themed movie. (Pee-wee's Big Adventure, The Unknown Cyclist, The Flying Scotsman, etc.) Again, depending on budget concerns, there could be popcorn and gatoraid served during the movie.