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Bike to Work Week is getting a boost this year with the addition of new sponsors and sponsor organizations.

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The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition is working on a brand new website, to be launched April 9th 2014.

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We support a variety of styles and approaches to cycling and our meetings are open to all.



Nanaimo Master Transportation Plan

The City's Transportation Master Plan draft ("NTMP") will be presented to City Council in March 2014. The NTMP aims to shape transportation policy over the next twenty-five years by shifting "the City towards a more balanced multi-modal transportation system" with more support for alternatives to the automobile, namely for cycling, walking and transit.

While the GNCC's position is that the cycling mode share targets are too conservative (see below), we also believe that the NTMP is a significant im- provement on the City's existing Bicycle Facility Design Guidelines and the business-as-usual approach to cycling facilities with its emphasis on marked shared lanes and curb lanes, i.e., investing in paint but little else. As the Plan rightly points out "shared bicycle routes and marked wide curb lanes are not likely to attract new cyclists." To its credit, the Plan incorporates many goals and policies which, if implemented, could eventually lead to a high-quality bicycle network.