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Bike to Work Week is getting a boost this year with the addition of new sponsors and sponsor organizations.

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The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition receives frequent email inquiries regarding bicycle theft in Nanaimo. Certain areas in the city are heavily target by thieves, particular the hospital area, Vancouver Island Iniversity, the downtown core and around the Country Club Mall .

THe GNCC hopes to bring solution in the coming year to combat the theft of bicycles. Stay tuned as we will bring details of the coming months

In the mean time..theft

Get a good lock, store your bike locked in sheds or garages if possible or at least keep them locked and out of sight. Secondly owners should also record the bike serial number which is usually stamped under the frame on the bottom bracket area between the pedal cranks. Also take good pictures of bike details which can improve the chances of a stolen bike being returned.

If stolen .... now what

Hub City Cycles Co-op maintains a special page where you can list photos and details of your stolen bike. The page is to help victims of bike theft make their bikes more visible to the public in the hopes the bike may be spotted by someone who sees it listed. Hub City Cycles Co-op has over 800 members so who knows... "With a little help of your friends" you might get your bike back.

Second option

Residents fed up with petty crime in Nanaimo have turned to social media to try to prevent theft. The Facebook group 'Stealing Nanaimo' with close to 900 members allows people to list property that has been stolen in the hope that second-hand stores and pawn shops will check the site. Pawn shops will notify owners or police when serial numbers matching stolen items are spotted.

List your theft on CrimeStoppers

Contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at


Fight bike theft, deter thieves
Register your bicycle for free with Bike Shepherd, a national bicycle database. You can also order ID tags for your bike, for a fee.
Increase your chance to recover your bike if you ever report it stolen.

Register now at:
This site has valuable information on how to prevent / minimize bike theft.