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The GNCC and VIU Sustainability are presenting the movie Bikes vs Cars as part of the Sustainability Fair this October. See details here.


Coming November 25th, we will have another Full Moon Rambler. So grab your bicycle, check your lights and join us in the light of the full moon for a bike ride adventure through the streets and parks of Nanaimo!

YouTube & Vimeo

The GNCC is working on producing a YouTube and Vimeo page on locally made cycling videos and a host of other videos related to cycling, advocacy, etc. Stay tuned to see great videos done in our own town and district.
In the mean time enjoy some great videos from around the world. Here are a few just recently shown on the Movie Night in Comox & Courtney.

Bicycling - Moving Beyond the Automobile (3:15)

This video highlights the current trend to build bicycle infrastructure. It speaks to separated cycling infrastructure, connectivity and the need for reasonable choices of travel modes for people as they move about their communities.

Children Have Lost the Freedom to Roam (1:47)

This film explores the changes in children's method of commuting to school/play and the impacts of these changes on their development as independent individuals.

How Bikes Make Cities Cool - Portland (4:12)

A film about the change in attitudes to the perceptions of cycling in the city of Portland, a much larger population than the Greater Nanaimo area.

Bike Lanes are Not Just for Big Cities (1:38)

This video talks about the bicycle friendly trend showing up in smaller cities.

Complete Streets (11:03)

A film explaining the Complete Streets Model's impact on bringing people together as a community and returning life and vitality back into the City.

Golden Timber Frame Pedestrian Bridge (7:00)

A video about Golden BC, building a Timber Frame Pedestrian Bridge. It is this project that captured the imagination of the Comox Valley Bridge Project Steering Committee to build a similar pedestrian and cycling bridge at the foot of 6th Street.

Junction Design - The Dutch Cycle Friendly Way (2:22)

A video showing how the Dutch now design their interesections to make them safe for all users. The Dutch have been improving their urban designs since the 1970s, learning from their mistakes and implementing better designs. The video gives us a chance to learn from a more experienced bicycle culture.

On the Right Track (3:48)

This is a video of how the cycle tracks work on the street and at intersections. Catherine Ciarlo, Transportation Policy Director in the Office of Mayor Sam Adams in Portland, Oregon, explains how cycle tracks and buffered bike lanes work.

E&N trail

A number of initiatives on building rail trail along the Esquimalt & Nanaimo rail line on Vancouver Island are happening. Here are a few videos on the process. The top video is on the Rotary Rail Trail in Courtenay and the second is a video by Shaw TV on the Nanaimo Regional Rail Trail Partnership.

Inspiring Videos

If you meet someone who tends to complain about life and how difficult it is to get simple things done, have them look at this video on fixing a flat tire (Thanks Saul Glassen)


  • Awareness Videos

    A series of videos of awareness campaigns of which this is an eye opener. By the British Automobile Association.

    What traffic Issues? - Videos